Solas art exhibition Listowel, Co. Kerry.

Bríd is Ireland’s goddess of poetry and healing, and February 1st is her feast day. I am delighted to be opening ‘Solas’ on this date, which also marks Imbolc and the return of Spring. Context ‘Solas’ features photography, poetry, and writing. It is a small selection of a much larger body of work that has…… Continue reading Solas art exhibition Listowel, Co. Kerry.

Elephants, art, and ecology.

Elephants have always inspired me. They are the opposite to us humans; when they leave shit lying around, it actually does some good! Their dung nourishes and houses several species of insect, so it is beneficial to the health of the entire ecosystem. A few weeks ago, as part of a new recycling project, I…… Continue reading Elephants, art, and ecology.

Poetry, yoga, and pondering.

According to Mikhail Bakhtin, a carnival includes “Elaborate costumes and masks that allow people to set aside their everyday individuality and experience a heightened sense of social unity”. To me a carnival is all about fun, and at the same time the word also symbolises illusion. Here’s a poem. JANUARY CARNIVAL No harvesting embarrassments or…… Continue reading Poetry, yoga, and pondering.

Little mimics, big smoke.

This 1950s advert may seem hilarious, tragic or shocking to us now, but some of the ads of today are pure nonsense too. January is silly season: the month when certain people (who work in advertising) want you to feel fat, weak, and less attractive: downright ugly in fact, so that you might buy their…… Continue reading Little mimics, big smoke.