Solas art exhibition Listowel, Co. Kerry.

Bríd is Ireland’s goddess of poetry and healing, and February 1st is her feast day. I am delighted to be opening ‘Solas’ on this date, which also marks Imbolc and the return of Spring.


‘Solas’ features photography, poetry, and writing. It is a small selection of a much larger body of work that has evolved since my father’s passing around Winter solstice in 2015.

Grief never ends, it just changes form. After losing dad, in the following years the symbolism of the seasons as they relate to the human condition took on a deeper meaning.

If grief had to be a season, in the early days it would surely be Winter: a dark, cold time that can bring numbness. Low mood and depleted energy during this period are minor when compared with the relentless throbbing in one’s chest. That is the reality of love: to feel it means that we must also suffer the heartache of loss.

In Spring, more daylight hours and an explosion of green growth in nature offers rejuvenation to the soul. Spring is comparable to a later phase on the healing journey. It is a time of acceptance and rebirth, which in turn offers me more energy and a magnified gratitude for life.

Bereavement is not about four seasons of emotions that happen in one year and that’s it all sorted, nice and tidy. Grief is never experienced as a linear process because life don’t work like that. Thankfully, whatever life brings, nature is always there as a soothing balm. In ‘Solas’ I have chosen to focus on the beauty and colour of our world as well as themes of hope and renewal.

Online viewing

Get in touch if you’d like to see ‘Solas’ online in March after the physical exhibition has been dismantled.

Visit the venue

St. John’s theatre and art space in Listowel, Co. Kerry is wheelchair accessible and family-friendly.

Pop in from February 1st-15th.

Contact a member of the team here to check opening hours.


I will be hosting an art workshop at 11am on February 1st.

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