Elephants, art, and ecology.

Elephants have always inspired me. They are the opposite to us humans; when they leave shit lying around, it actually does some good! Their dung nourishes and houses several species of insect, so it is beneficial to the health of the entire ecosystem.

A few weeks ago, as part of a new recycling project, I drew an elephant one onto one of my old paintings then cut it out. The paper that I used held up well: it has been in my possession for 5 years now. Even with two new layers of mixed media applied, the durability of the paper is impressive.

The same can’t be said for the pink yoga mat underneath, which is made from cheap PVC plastic. This kind of mat chips easily and never lasts long.

Mostly the mats end up buried in landfills. They are also incinerated, which is the worst news: the process of buring them releases release dioxin into the atmosphere (a carcinogen).

My finished wall hanging also features found objects, old clothes, and other recycled bits and pieces. I added details with some hand sewing.

If you would like to commission a new piece for your home or workspace, send a message here. Prints of my blue elephant painting are available on the shop page of this website.

Kathryn Crowley lives and creates in Kerry, Ireland.

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